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When it comes to smartwatches, few companies have been able to lớn offer as refined, as seamless, and as polished an experience as the apple Watch. Combining the latest and most advanced health monitoring và tracking technologies lượt thích blood oxygen monitoring và portable ECG capabilities on đứng top of all of the standard features lượt thích sleep monitoring, fitness tracking, step counting & more, the táo bị cắn Watch is the icon of wearable tech.

Of course, it’s not just a fitness tracker, it’s a full-fledged smartwatch with all kinds of wireless capabilities and integrations that allow it khổng lồ seamlessly địa chỉ color and value to lớn your everyday activities. 

Funny tweet on táo bị cắn dở watch alternative

Guy on Aliexpress said it was a genuine táo apple Watch ⌚️

— Alex Lieven – Design & Art Director (
finkcreative) March 26, 2022

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Aliexpress Most Impressive Watches

Cheap Chinese Smartwatch that made you drool

However, for all of its polish và refinement, the hãng apple Watch is also one of the most expensive smartwatches money can buy. It’s key competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Watch, is consistently being offered at prices that are around 40% lớn 60% cheaper, year after year, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch is in no way a ‘cheap’ product. Fortunately, there are ways to lớn get the similar design và build chất lượng at a fraction of the price – just don’t expect khổng lồ get all of those high-end & expensive bells & whistles, and you’ll be fine.

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The smartwatch that táo bị cắn dở has launched Series 6 and 7 lớn the market has created a lot of hype due lớn its exciting features & a class of its own. However, the watch is available at a minimum cost of USD399 dollars. The prices are on a high side as we all know it. If you are looking for alternatives, the below apple watch clones may be lớn your interest. Best part is these watches we curated cost just a fraction of what táo khuyết Watch Series 6 is.

Even though we cannot compare táo to apple, this apple watch alternative stands out by having a number of excellent features you need to TRACK. Read on…

IWO 13 Pro Smartwatch reviews – True Fake táo bị cắn Watch CopyALL NEW Series 5 táo Watch Clone – IWO 12 / HW 12Fake Series 5/6 táo bị cắn Watch FAQsTop Cheap táo apple Watch Alternatives (Less than US30)Stores that sell other SMARTWATCHES at AMAZING PRICES

IWO 13 Pro Smartwatch review – True Fake táo khuyết Watch Copy

Here at, one can find watches which are similar in terms of looks và features on Aliexpress. These watches offer great price lớn features ratio và are very affordable. These watches are about 100 dollars or less. Yes, this is at a big fraction of the real táo bị cắn dở watch.

There are many names like IWO 13 Pro which I bởi vì not really believe in….


Some were banned to lớn reveal images for their sales so please ask for images from Aliexpress vendor.


sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, music control, camera control, phone reminder, calorie burning, step counting, alarm clock, stopwatch, multi-sport mode, support for long-time bright screen (can not worry Screen off), multi-dial display

Fake Series 5/6 táo apple Watch FAQs


The watch can be used for a variety of functions including Answering a call, Remote Control, Interactive Music, Message Reminder, Sleep Tracker, Heart Rate Tracker, hotline Reminder, Calendar, call dialing, Alarm clock, Push message, Passometer etc. The watch is powered by a 300-450 Mah non-detachable battery pack.

The internal memory of the device is 128 MB.

The watch is durable due to its strong built.

The band is made up of stainless steel & the case is made of alloy.

The device features a 128 MB RAM.

15 different color combinations are available for the device.

The smartwatch is available for the interested buyers at a price of $60 onwards. Recently they were not allowed khổng lồ post images of the Apple clone watches on Aliexpress, so please ask them personally for pictures.

Check HERE for latest prices.

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Chinese táo bị cắn Watch Clone costs just $50+, but is it any good?

Before going forward to buy this watch, one should definitely look out for the language of the watch khổng lồ avoid any subsequent shortcomings. Such a device is cleanly built at par with the original táo apple watch.

Although many sellers provide không tính phí shipping, the delivery of the sản phẩm needs a certain time period because the products need to be shipped all the way from China, where they are manufactured.

So rather than investing a lot of money to buy an original táo khuyết watch, one can definitely give a shot khổng lồ this watch available on Aliexpress at a much lower price yet with all the similar features và a strong build.

What we lượt thích about fake táo apple watch IWO 12

1.Device Search, Dual tìm kiếm phone , anti-lost

2. Calls, Connect via bluetooth,you can use the shaolin watch khổng lồ dial , answer call. Can see phone book , hotline record . no need use your mobile phone

3. SMS,Bluetooth Push Notifications.Leave your phone in your pocket and view notifications on your wrist. When you receive message , it has notification but can not text message via the watch .

4. Remote Camera . Under the condition that the sản phẩm điện thoại phone have been locked up, click remote camera on the watch and could preview it . Remote control phone lớn take picture.

5. Bluetooth không dây Music, Enter into music interface & click play lớn play music stored in the mobile phone successfully so that control music player, click “-” to lớn reduce cound volume and “+” to increase it, click left key means the last one and right key means the next one (the smartphone phone shall switch on music interface before playing music)

6. Heart Rate Monitor,Check your heart rate at any time with the Smart Watch’s built-in heart rate monitor. It uses an array of LEDs và sensors to photoplethysmographically determine how hard your heart is working. Certain conditions, such as movement, extreme temperatures, và tattoos can interfere with readings.

7. Fitness Tracker, Step counting . Click lớn enter into pedometer interface và enter into setting in pressing pedometer for long time,putting the watch on hand agter setting personal detailed information & clicking start,conducting normal arm swing during walk và the pedometer will count steps và work out calorie confumed combining total number of steps

8. Changeable Faces,Customize the face of your Smart Watch khổng lồ fit your needs, from chronographs to lớn digital faces khổng lồ a butterfly faces.

9. Force Touch

Smart Watch senses how much pressure you use when you tap on its face, adding a new dimension to the ways you can interact with it. Press firmly to see additional controls, change watch faces, & more.

Things we bởi vì not like fake táo bị cắn watch

Not able lớn sync well with iPhone 6,7,8Touch not very sensitive at timesNot able lớn get siri to lớn talk properly

Are there clones of apple Watch Series 7?

If there is, I will not buy. First, I am pretty sure they vì chưng not have the exact features replicated that fast. Secondly, there is no way you can buy a stable clone for táo apple Watch Series 7.

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Top Cheap táo khuyết Watch Alternatives (Less than US30)

These táo apple watch copy come with less functions. If you are not a fussy user, these watches fit you!

These watch clone still is a good tracking watch khổng lồ have this 2021.

#1 – TIMEWOLF táo bị cắn dở Watch Smartwatch


Okay, I know we said you shouldn’t expect all of those cutting edge features on a fake apple Watch, but the TIMEWOLF Full Touch apk Smartwatch is an exception. Apart from looking lượt thích an táo Watch (similar kiến thiết cues, definitely apple Watch inspired) the TIMEWOLF Full cảm ứng Smartwatch also comes with a whole bunch of the extended features you’d expect from a high-end smartwatch like the táo apple Watch.

Get the TIMEWOLF táo apple Watch Smartwatch now on Aliexpress.

Apart from the usual fitness tracking functions (see technical specifications below), this TIMEWOLF smartwatch model also comes with a built-in ECG. It also gets plenty of that ‘smart’ functionality with the power to lớn connect to lớn your phone wirelessly & answer (or even make) calls for you. It doesn’t have LTE or GPS capabilities, but at this price tag, you’d have to lớn be crazy to ask for any more than this value champion already has khổng lồ offer.

The TIMEWOLF hãng apple Watch Smartwatch is available in six (6) different colors: đen Steel, Rose Steel, and Silver Steel, as well as black Silicone, Yellow Silicone, và Grey Silicone.

Technical Specifications:

Display Size: 1.78 in Display Resolution: 320 x 385 Case Material: Plastic Battery Capacity: 220mAh Functions: Fitness tracker, message reminder, answer call, chronograph, heart rate tracker, passometer, sleep tracker, gọi reminder, dial call, alarm clock, ECG.


JARAMP Y68 D20 Smart Watch


Of course, at this price range, you really can’t expect much more than the most basic fitness tracking functionality, but the JARAMP Y68 D20 delivers all of that, & then some. For an under $10 smartwatch, the JARAMP Y68 D20 features passable ‘smart’ features, allowing users to lớn receive notifications, as well as receive calls. It even comes with a large 30-day battery so you’ll only have to lớn charge around once a month, & the 1.3” HD display isn’t too bad on the eyes, either, with a 240×240 HD resolution & the iconic thin bezels of the táo bị cắn Watch.

The JARAM Y68 D20 Smart Watch is available in four (4) colors: White, Black, Pink, và Silver.

Technical Specifications:

Display Size: 1.43 in Display Resolution: 240 x 240 Case Material: Plastic Battery Capacity: 180mAh, Up to lớn 30 days Functions: Fitness tracker, sports modes, message reminder, answer call, calorie counter, sedentary reminder, heart rate tracker, passometer, sleep tracker, gọi reminder, notifications, alarm clock.

Get the JARAMP Y68 D20 Smart Watch now on Aliexpress.

IWO X8 apple Watch Smart Watch


While the IWO Series 6 left a lot to be desired in the functionality department, the IWO X8 seems lớn be jam-packed with high-end features. On the IWO X8 Smart Watch, you get a fantastic array of functions: calendar, world time, humidity measurement, compass, noctilucence, heart rate, stop watch, calculators, tốc độ measurement, moon phases, alarm clock, tourbillon, remote control, even a mood tracker, & more.

For its price, the IWO X8 is a feature-rich fake hãng apple Watch, although if you get this one, you will have to put up with the relatively smaller 1.54in 240 x 240 display, as well as the smaller 180 mAh battery.

The IWO X8 apple Watch Smart Watch is available in three (3) colors: Black, Pink, and White.

Get the IWO X8 apple Watch Smart Watch now on Aliexpress.

Technical Specifications

Display Size: 1.54 in Display Resolution: 240 x 240 Case Material: Alloy Battery Capacity: 180 mAh Functions: Fitness tracker, thermometer, sports modes, message reminder, answer call, calorie counter, sedentary reminder, heart rate tracker, passometer, sleep tracker, call reminder, notifications, alarm clock.

See watch now!

Apple Watch Accessories on Aliexpress

Check out these amazing accessories to lớn pair with your apple watch clone.

* hàng hóa – Strap For apple Watch band 38mm 42mm iWatch 4 band 44mm 40mm thể thao Silicone belt Bracelet correa apple watch 5 4 3 2 Accessories
* product – SGP Protector case cover for táo bị cắn Watch 4 5 44/40mm Anti-fall case for iwatch series 3/2/1 42/38mm men&women watche accessories
* hàng hóa – Tempered Glass For táo bị cắn dở Watch band hãng apple watch 5 4 3 44mm 40mm 42mm/38mm iwatch Screen Protector cover táo apple watch accessories

If you bởi not lượt thích iWO, kiểm tra out the clones và replicas for hãng apple watch below.

The order was a month. The clock is the same as in the description. Plus two gifts gave: a phone holder and a wrap, so that the nerves calm down))) while I use the day. I didn’t understand everything. Sometimes the clock begins lớn live its life: then the dial itself changes, then the menu goes away.The clock is super. Came 60% charging. The quality looks super. It’s a little braking screen. Pressure readings, etc.. Hold water. Size and not huge & not small. Silicone strap with a little smell. Let’s kiểm tra and supplement.Very nice watch for the price. Battery lasts for about 5 days (7 for me as I turn it off at night). Good visibility in sunshine even on lowest brightness settings. Công nghệ bluetooth không dây cannot be turned off unfortunately. Shipping was reasonably fast. Recommended! 

Check it out HERE

#2 – COLMI

Some good feedback from real buyers

Product as described, amazing workmanship, affordable. So far right, great watch, very beautiful and arrived before 30 daysI love this watch. He’s already the second one he bought. Very good company và reliable. Communication via sent messages, also very good and fast. I recommend this seller

Check the store HERE


Some good feedback from real buyers

Watch came in week stainless Słubic, no transport damage, shipping in UK by InPost, I am pleased because looks zacnie, have measurement heart rate & blood pressure, features Sports & a pair of other interesting option, recommend this seller và goods.The product arrived a little late like 40 days, 33 TL tax appeared. A product, as described, shows gọi showing, message and WhatsApp Facebook notifications, Turkish menu, very stylish. 

Check the store HERE.

IWO 13 Pro Smartwatch nhận xét – True Fake hãng apple Watch CopyALL NEW Series 5 táo apple Watch Clone – IWO 12 / HW 12Fake Series 5/6 táo khuyết Watch FAQsTop Cheap táo Watch Alternatives (Less than US30)Stores that sell other SMARTWATCHES at AMAZING PRICES

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