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Get game bommobile.vn 13 on a Google pixel device

If you have a supported Google pixel device, you can check and update yourbommobile.vn version toreceive bommobile.vn 13 over the air.

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In most cases, you don't need to vì chưng a full reset of your data khổng lồ move to bommobile.vn13, but it’s recommended that you back up data before installing bommobile.vn 13 onyour device.

bommobile.vn 13 OTAs & downloads are available for the following pixel devices:

Pixel 4a and 4a (5G)Pixel 5 và 5aPixel 6 và 6 ProPixel 6aPixel 7 and 7 Pro

Flash or manually install a system image

Alternatively, if you'd rather flash your device, we recommend using thebommobile.vn Flash Tool.

If you need khổng lồ flash your device manually for some other reason, you can get thebommobile.vn 13 system image for your device on the pixel downloadspage. Read the generalinstructions for how khổng lồ flash a systemimage lớn yourdevice. This approach can be useful when you need more control over testing,such as for automated testing or regression testing.

Set up the bommobile.vn Emulator

Configuring the game bommobile.vn Emulator khổng lồ run bommobile.vn 13 is a great solution forexploring new features & APIs và testing game bommobile.vn 13 behavior changes. Settingup the emulator is fast & convenient & allows you lớn emulate various screensizes & device characteristics.

Depending on the type of testing you need to lớn do, consider setting up a varietyof virtual devices from these device categories:

Set up a virtual device (phone)

To phối up a virtual device to lớn emulate a typical phone, follow these steps:

In apk Studio, click Tools > SDK Manager.In the SDK Tools tab, select the latest version of bommobile.vn Emulator,and click OK. This kích hoạt installs the latest version if it isn'talready installed.

Return to lớn the list of virtual devices in the AVD Manager, and thendouble-click your bommobile.vn 13 virtual device khổng lồ launch it.

Set up a virtual device (tablet or large-screen)

To mix up a virtual device to emulate a tablet or other large-screen device,follow these steps:

In bommobile.vn Studio, click Tools > SDK Manager.

In the SDK Tools tab, select the latest version of bommobile.vn Emulator,and click OK. This action installs the latest version if it isn'talready installed.

In game bommobile.vn Studio, click Tools > Device Manager, then click Createdevice in the Device Manager panel.


Select a device definition with a large screen, such as the Pixel C inthe Tablet category or the 7.6" Fold-in with outer display in thePhone category, then click Next.

Find the app bommobile.vn 13 system image, called bommobile.vn API 33, & clickDownload khổng lồ get it. After the tải về completes, select this systemimage và click Next.

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Finalize other settings for your virtual device, then click Finish.

After returning khổng lồ the danh sách of virtual devices in the Device Manager, findyour apk 13 virtual device & click Launch

tostart it.

Repeat these steps khổng lồ create large screen device definitions that you can use totest your ứng dụng in a variety of large screen scenarios.

Resizable emulator

In addition to large screen virtual devices that you can configure for bommobile.vn13, you can try the new resizable device configuration that's included inbommobile.vn Studio Chipmunk | 2021.2.1 or higher. When you're using a resizabledevice definition with a bommobile.vn 13 system image, the app bommobile.vn Emulator lets youquickly toggle between the four reference devices: phone, foldable, tablet, anddesktop. When using the foldable reference device, you can also toggle betweenfolded and unfolded states.

This flexibility makes it easier lớn both validate your layout at kiến thiết time andtest the behavior at runtime, using the same reference devices. Lớn create a newresizable emulator, use the Device Manager in bommobile.vn Studio to lớn create a newvirtual device & select the Resizable device definition in the Phonecategory.

Use the new resizable device definition for the apk Emulator to test game bommobile.vn 13 in a variety of large screen scenarios.

Get a generic system image (GSI)

bommobile.vn Generic System Image (GSI) binariesare available khổng lồ bommobile.vns for app testing & validation purposes on supportedTreble-compliant devices. You can use these images khổng lồ address any compatibilityissues as well as discover và report OS & framework issues.

See the GSI documentation for devicerequirements, flashing instructions, and information on choosing the right imagetype for your device. Once you're ready to tải về a GSI binary, see theDownloads section on theGSI binaries page.

Get apk 13 Beta for bommobile.vn TV

The game bommobile.vn 13 Beta for game bommobile.vn TV is provided through system images for theADT-3 bommobile.vn Kit and thebommobile.vn Emulator for TV.

See apk 13 Beta for TV khổng lồ get started.

More information

To learn about which changes might affect you, và to learn how khổng lồ testthese changes in your app, read the following topics:

To learn more about new APIs và features available in bommobile.vn 13, readbommobile.vn 13 features.

Content and code samples on this page are subject to lớn the licenses described in the nội dung License. Java and OpenJDK are trademarks or registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates.

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