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I often wondered how come only sản phẩm điện thoại devices get the "speed up" & "optimize" buttons on these kind of apps. I mean, wouldn"t it be great if I would have sầu a "Turbo" button that once pressed, your computer would go from lard mode to lớn being super optimized and ready khổng lồ perkhung better? There was a time though when such a button existed physically, but times have sầu changed & so did computer processors. Nonetheless, there are quite a few things that can be done to an operating system to lớn make a computer persize better without overclocking the CPU. Installing Advance SystemCare is one of them.

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The Turbo Button is back!

Advanced SystemCare 8 (not a typo) is a an system optimization control center that reunites many tweak options that only windows savvy would know inlớn an accessible package. There are quite a couple of impressive sầu features to lớn talk about. So let"s get started.

The Care Scan performs a tìm kiếm for spyware, registry errors và junk files amuốn others. After a scan you can select khổng lồ repair issues in bulk or alternatively you can kiểm tra a box khổng lồ repair them automatically during the scan. Similarly to lớn CCleaner Advance SystemCare checks your browsers for security issues và clears their cabít. The fixing extends to lớn downloading security updates from Microsoft.

Protect is a danh mục of switches that handle different browsing security & general system security aspects. For example, it can freeze your homepage address và mặc định search engine so that they would not be changed by third tiệc ngọt plugins or programs. System Reinforce plugs up security weaknesses khổng lồ make it harder for hackers to gain access. It also displays a danh sách of vulnerabilities that you may decide khổng lồ fix or keep.

The Toolbox is a collection of programs & add-ons that bởi not come with the base package but need lớn be downloaded before use. Don"t worry, they download as soon as you first click on them. I would especially give sầu attention khổng lồ IObit Uninstaller and Start Menu 8. These two make life much easier as far as I"m concerned.

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Turbo Boost is probably the highlight of this ứng dụng. It is a tool that shuts down processes that are not really needed depending on your activity, be it running an office application or the latest PC game. Once you mix up the desired level of optimization just cliông xã on the boost gauge và let Advanced SystemCare vì chưng it"s work. The settings can be reverted by turning off Turbo Boost when not needed.



Care Scan - removes spyware, registry errors, useless files & vulnerability issuesProtect - Protects your browser from being hijacked in any wayTurbo Boost - Can be switched on to increase PC performanceDisplays current issues that you can act upon right away

The Turbo Boost gives Advanced SystemCare a good reason lớn be installed on any PC that needs to lớn be used lớn it"s full potential.


Gathers every security and optimization solution from IObit into lớn one tiện ích.Turbo Boost is marvelous


The scanner could have sầu had more in depth customization optionsThere are quite a few tools and options that are not accessible in the không lấy phí version but are still visible & teasing.


Advanced SystemCare Free is a must have if you have ever enjoyed another tool from IObit. Either way, it doesn"t hurt to check how you can benefit from it.

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