Intel core i7

A CPU that supports overclocking: Generally, that means one of Intel's unlocked "K"-series processors like the i7-8086K we're using in today's guide. There are ways to overclock some non-K CPUs, but Intel's K CPUs are designed with overclocking in mind, so we'll be sticking with those.A motherboard that supports overclocking: For recent generations of Hãng sản xuất Intel processors, that means a motherboard with a "Z" chipphối, like our Hãng Asus Z370-A Prime. Some motherboards also have sầu extra features that make overclocking easier or let you push your CPU farther—see step five sầu below—while others may only let you push your CPU a little bit.A beefy CPU cooler: Overclocking, by its very nature, makes your CPU run quite hot. If you're using the Intel cooler that came with your processor, you probably shouldn't overclock—at the very least, you'll want a bigger, third-buổi tiệc nhỏ tower heatsink. I recommend a large dual-tower heatsink—like the Cryorig R1 Ultimate CR-R1A—or even a liquid cooling loop for best results.

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The Bottom Line

If Intel's bộ vi xử lý Core i7-8086K Limited Edition strikes your nostalgia bone (or tickles your overclocking fancy), don't let the premium price dissuade you. It's a solid-performing CPU for modern games, productivity apps, và pretty much anything you throw in its path.

MSRP.. $425.00
$691.76 at Amazon
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Slightly faster than flagship Vi xử lý Core i7-8700K.Powerful for multi- & single-threaded applications.A ready overclocker.Geek appeal lớn PC history buffs.


Premium-priced, but performance is right on par with an overclocked Vi xử lý Core i7-8700K.No bundled stochồng cooler.

In 1978, the Hãng sản xuất Intel 8086 was, by today"s standards, just an unassuming chunk of silinhỏ with a ceramic substrate standing atop a mere 40 pins. But this tiny chip launched the juggernaut of IBM PCs và compatibles that catapulted computing from universities and governments to businesses & households. It"s not hyperbole to say that every connected device today shares a few lingering strands of DNA with Intel"s 29,000-transistor 8086. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of that historic CPU"s arrival on the market, Intel launched a special Limited Edition 8th Generation Core i7 processor (50,000 will be offered) that tips its hat khổng lồ those early days of the computing revolution and the rise of the x86 architecture. Is there more lớn the Hãng Intel Vi xử lý Core i7-8086K ($425) than just pent-up nostalgia? In short: Yes, but mainly for overclockers, or PC builders who want the cachet of a special slice of silinhỏ. The Vi xử lý Core i7-8700K that it strongly resembles remains a better-value alternative sầu.


The New Ceiling for 8th Generation Core

Under its heat spreader (which still relies on the oft-maligned "TIM" thermal interface material instead of solder), the Hãng Intel Vi xử lý Core i7-8086K is an LGA 1151 processor from Intel"s "Coffee Lake" family. It features six cores & 12 threads, the latter thanks khổng lồ Intel Hyper-Threading tư vấn. On the die is 12MB of Hãng Intel Smart Cabịt, a dual-channel memory controller, and the familiar Hãng sản xuất Intel UHD Graphics 630 integrated Clip acceleration with a 350MHz minimum and 1.2GHz maximum GPU frequency.

The memory controller is rated to support up to DDR4-2666 memory; memory kits running at these speeds are, by current standards, rather poky, however. Despite this number, Intel"s lathử nghiệm bộ vi xử lý Core i7 & i5 processors support memory that can cloông xã to lớn up lớn and beyond 4,000MHz with a little tweaking. Case in point: The G.Skill DDR4 kit I"m using runs at DDR4-3400 speeds, & all that I had to lớn vị was enable an XMP. protệp tin from within the BIOS to get it there. AMD"s competing processors don"t have sầu quite the same universal tư vấn for high-clocked DDR4 memory, but as of the second-generation Ryzen processors (such as the recently reviewed Ryzen 7 2700X ($425.99 at Amazon) ), support for higher-clocked memory is improving on the platsize.

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